hate crimes

Gustavo Duque, my husband, invited me to participate on his exhibit "An Artist's Rage" at 2820 Saint Claude, New Orleans from March 12th, 2011 to April 20th, 2011. I presented a computer graphics piece related to Hate Crimes.

Worst than the criminals perpetrating the crime are the INSTIGATORS, particularly those that have the means to be heard, typically lacking most moral and empathy values (same thing, just clarifying), usually talking about god and with an amazing appetite for grandiose pages. Cowards, knowing that they can wash their bloody hands behind words. Yes, yes, I know, they have the right to speak.

We, on the other hand, we should publicly  scorn those provoking hate, intolerance and radicalism,and do it without violence, calmly and strongly and every time we see it happening.

But we are not doing it, we are being entertained by all these radical instigators ...

Shame on us and all our excuses

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